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Once Practices go inside the Holley Elementary School and here are a few reminders:

*Cheer Shoes are worn on the mat only. Cheerleaders are to come to practice & change into their cheer shoes & they will change out of them when practice is over.

*Water Bottles can be brought and are encouraged, however, they are labeled with name and left in the hallway outside gym as there is no liquid nor food in the gym.

*Cheerleaders will be brought out to the lobby when practices has ended for pickup. They will not be allowed to leave the lobby without an adult there to pick them up. No matter the age of the cheerleader, they will NOT be permitted to leave the building nor walk home or elsewhere post practice. 

*Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby during practice (as practices are closed), however, at no time should children be left unattended in the lobby area.

*Cheerleaders will be provided bathroom breaks. The younger cheerleaders will be escorted to lavatory. The older cheerleaders will be given bathroom breaks one at a time.

*Although practices are closed, your coach will provide you when it is open & for viewing each week.

*All cheerleaders will assist at the end of practice rolling the mats and placing them away. We borrow these mats from the school district, and therefore, we must care for same alike.

*Reminder: In addition to wearing shorts, t-shirt, we need to remind all cheerleaders that there is to be NO jewelry worn (earrings, finger rings, nose rings, necklaces, plastic headbands, bracelets or the like), and no nail polish or acrylic nails at practices, games or competition NO EXCEPTIONS.

*If your cheerleader is out ill from school, then she should not be a practice. Please contact your coach in advance, if possible, so that she is aware.

*If your cheerleader is out due to lice or is sent home from school to procure treatment for lice, then your cheerleader should not be at cheerleading until he or she is cleared by the school nurse to return to school.  If your cheerleader is sent home from school with lice and for treatment of same, please inform your coach so that others on the squad can be notified that there is a case of same. While we are tiny squads, we will maintain confidentiality and not release the child's name.  

*Attendance at this time becomes crucial to being able to practice. The routines are done for competition based on all cheerleaders. Therefore, if one is missing, practice becomes a bit off and/or complicated. If you have prior engagements, please let your coach know in advance.

*Cheerleaders in uniform are a representation of this squad, team, program & school.  Therefore, we must insist that when in uniform there is a level of behavior and demeanor upheld. 


*Coaches will be in attendance at practices with the cheerleaders, as well as, Robin, Nicole or Jen, will be there each night to assist.

***Warm Up Suits will be distributed at a practice in the near future.  In the meantime, if necessary, they may wear black, red and/or white, jacket, sweater or sweatshirt (same for yoga, spandex or sweat pants) for game day chills.